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From the Owner, how Work Shoe Hawaii came to be...


I grew up in Aiea and left Hawaii in 1973 to attend the University of Washington.


While there, I sold shoes as a part-time sales associate for Nordstrom, and that was my start in the footwear industry.


By the time I graduated, my immediate family had all moved to various places on the mainland. With no home to return to in Hawaii, I continued to work for Nordstrom in Washington, saved money and came back to the islands in 1984.


Upon returning, I worked for a brief time as a flight attendant and eventually gravitated back into the footwear industry.


Liberty House hired me and I worked in the shoe department as a salesperson, manager and buyer. I moved over to the wholesale side of the business three years later. This was 1989.


Since then, I’ve been a territory manager (just a fancy name for a sales rep) with Reebok, Rockport, Bally, Candies and Skechers. I’ve spent 24 years traveling and selling footwear to retailers in the Hawaiian Islands and this led me to the decision to open my own store catering to the work industry.


That’s how Work Shoe Hawaii came to be. Our crew is well versed in product knowledge and we know how to properly fit shoes.  My goal is to offer quality slip resistant and safety toe brands at affordable prices along with a high level of customer service.  


Please stop by and visit us.



Dave Lee

Work Shoe Hawai'i - Our Story

Work Shoe Hawaii Men and Women work shoes
Work Shoe Hawaii
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